Building a system is just like playing a game!

Building a system is just like playing a game!

I was contracted to create a seemingly complex tracking system, last minute of course.

I had to think of how to structure the most efficient system, using the tools I had, within the limited time frame.

Specializing in the WordPress framework, I knew the built in structure of WordPress could be manipulated to achieve this goal if thought out correctly.

I needed to:

  1. break down the needs into its most basic pieces
  2. work out the overall structure
  3. fit the pieces back together

Its like my husband’s (the engineer) best story about how he loves taking things apart and then putting them all together again. But hates the part of being left with that one extra screw – yikes!

The WordPress hierarchical structure lends itself to be manipulated and configured to building structures powered by the built in functionality without having to work hard.

The hard work is to work out the upper structure.

Then it all falls into place.

Like a game to pass around a tablet from person to person in competing teams while being able to monitor the flow of each individual tablet.

If each tablet is a taxonomy and each person is a post. The system is in place before any customizing.

If you get the structural analysis right, the rest is easy.

Naama Goldberg

A WordPress expert, programmer, designer, SEO on-page specialist and project manager, Naama loves creating efficient systems that fly independently.

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