Website 101. Speed and Content

During a discussion with a new client this week, I shared the fact that his site was very slow and this had to fixed up as not only is speed one of the top google ranking factors but also users today have no patience to wait for a site to load at all!

Further along the conversation I mentioned that he needed to add more content on a particular page to be able to offer more on the subject for the user and subsequently rank well on Google.

His reply prompted this post.

He said “but you just said my site is slow and now you told me to add copy! Wont that make my site slower?”

So I clarified, more great unique copy that can benefit the user reading the page can only do good for you, for your user and for your position on google search! It does not make your site slower.

There is so much going on behind the scenes of every site that affects performance that needs to be optimized to make your site faster.

Keep adding great content, let your web developer work behind the scenes to make your site fast.

Although even if its all behind the scenes you can still keep an objective eye on your site speed by using tools like PageSpeed, or GTMetrix to know when your site needs to be optimized and to contact your developer!

Naama Goldberg

A WordPress expert, programmer, designer, SEO on-page specialist and project manager, Naama loves creating efficient systems that fly independently.

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