Google doesn’t have much time for you

Google doesn’t have much time for you ☹.

Are you sure you aren’t wasting the time it gives you?

Google has a billion web pages to crawl and index to add them to their database so people searching can FIND YOU!

They have to be efficient. They can’t go through everything.

That’s why they appreciate our help in finding the good stuff as that’s all they really want!

And we want to help them. They are good friends to have and we want to make sure our best stuff is on their list!

By default, everything is added to your sitemap, lists of all your published pages, your tags, your categories, your portfolio (even if you don’t have one). Everything left from your demo theme that you imported even if you don’t use it or link to it. You are telling google to crawl it!

Do you have multiple credible authors on your site? Yes? Great, make sure you have an author sitemap. No? Make sure you turn your author sitemap OFF!

Have you checked your sitemap lately? Usually it can be found by adding /sitemap_index.xml at the end of your domain name.

Do it! Its just a few minutes and you can score many more points with your big buddy Google.

Naama Goldberg

A WordPress expert, programmer, designer, SEO on-page specialist and project manager, Naama loves creating efficient systems that fly independently.

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