Understanding your website building blocks

My client was of the older non tech-savvy generation.

But she was of the older stubborn and determined generation too!

She knew she had to have a website but she could not afford one.

She learnt the jargon; domains, hosting, WordPress, GoDaddy.

She had the pieces but she had no idea how to put them together.

She turned to me to fix the mess and help her progress.

I explained in the most basic terminology.

Creating a website is just like creating a new physical business!

When you want to start a new business there are 3 basic steps you take:

  1. Register a business name
  2. Rent an office for your business
  3. Buy furniture so you can start working

And so I connected it to creating a website.

The 3 basic steps you take are:

  1. Buy a domain name for your website
  2. Get hosting to house your website
  3. Install & setup WordPress so you can start working.

She had a eureka moment.

All the pieces aligned.

We discussed next steps & she was well on her way.

Sometimes my job is not to produce a finished product but rather to enable a client to clearly see their process and give them the guidance so they can proceed & succeed.

My client bounced out of the room!

Naama Goldberg

A WordPress expert, programmer, designer, SEO on-page specialist and project manager, Naama loves creating efficient systems that fly independently.

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